International leader of future living space 
Brand is the foundation of an enterprise, and the product is an extension of the brand.A product exuding art and culture will instantaneously release charm and value, which will play a crucial role in promoting the market competitiveness of the products and the enterprise.
Innovation is the source of development. TOENER GROUP widely absorbs and learns valid strategies and experience from advanced regions or industries, firmly establishes the concept of "planning decides success or failure", and especially forms an innovated style with TOENER character in the real estate sector.
TOENER Real Estate adheres to the mission of “creating a better living environment for the public” and achieves sustainable development by virtue of excellent resource integration ability  and outstanding product quality,thus leading the upgrade of real estate industry. At present, Central and Southern China, SouthwesternChina, and Southern China have been successfully distributed.So far, TOENER Real Estate has accumulated to develop and hold over 5000 acres of land area and over one million square meters of construction area.
TOENER Real Estate has successfully and successively developed such projects as International Lake and Fruit Garden in Dragon Island in Changsha, Huacai World of TOENER and Fortune Square of TOENER in Dujiangyan, Water Island in Xindu, Sunshine Shengfei and Silver Beach of TOENER in Dayawan as well as Capital No.1, Flower Bridge, and Guangshan Superior Building in Changsha.It also follows the national strategy of “One belt and one road”, actively expands overseas real estate market, and newly develops Riverfront Garden, Kanbae Towers and other superior projects in SoutheasternAsia.