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Multi-financing stimulates industry development
TOENER Finance adheres to the development policy of "industry supports capital, and use  capital to enhance industry in return” , shoulder the mission of “Make the group’s high-quality industrial asset realize securitization”, take fund management, asset management, securities trading, and securities investment as specialized business, and establish healthy, sound and efficient financial platforms at home and broad. The management team is composed of senior people in the industry possessing more than 20 years’ experience.
At present, TOENER GROUP participates in and hold 4 non-bank financial institutions home and abroad, holding 6 listing companies in China, Hongkong, Singapore and other listing companies, and another 10 in plan.
Meanwhile, the group accelerates the combination between capital and market, and combines real estate assets, assets of nonferrous metals and precious metals, non-metals and other assets, with capital market in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China respectively, and eventually taking advantage of mergers and acquisitions or IPO realizes excellent assets securitization.