Value Integration: Leader in Chinese Mining
Value integration leader in China’s mining industry chain  
Supplier of high-quality industrial mineral products ,
Committed to the development of mainstream suppliers for international mineral materials .
TOENER Mining is dominated by exploration and development in precious metals, nonferrous metals, and nonmetallic mineral resources. Currently, the non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc share the same position with non-metallic mineral resources such as phosphorus, ceramic, fluorite, quartz and wollastonite. Through the integration of mergers and acquisitions, the group has over 70 mines now.
At present, more than 10 provinces in China have investment projects, and actively expand the Southeastern Asian mining market, to achieve the gradual globalization of TOENER Mining.
Over the years, TOENER Mining has formed hundred advisers consisting of domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars, has abandoned the extensive mine sales mode, and has adhered to the mission of "provide high-quality raw material for industrial enterprises". By relying on expert advisory group to make mineral resources’ exploitation and deep processing, as well as advantages that development and application of new materials come into in-depth study, we will spare no efforts to build a comprehensive industry chain integrating mineral exploration, mining, processing and smelting into one, and make unremitting efforts to become world-class high-quality supplier of mineral raw materials.
TOENER Mining adheres to be guided by science and technology, focuses on geological prospecting, mine smelting improvement technology, and large-scale exploitation and utilization, and adheres to make scientific and technological innovation as the company's core competitiveness. We will always uphold the concept of "green mines, and sustainable development", continue to increase investment in environmental protection, and comprehensively promote the construction of green mines and safe mines.
The group follows the development model of matching the industry with capital operation, has combined the high-quality mineral resources with domestic and international capital market, and launches the listing plan. At the same time, it closely seizes the opportunity to adjust the world economy and mining industry. In accordance with the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, we will realize the internationalization of mining, thus contributing to the development of mining industry in China, and create greater value.