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Sword needs ten years to be sharpened and likewise enterprise finds its own development way through such a long time.
Diligence is regarded as our conduct manner and integrity honors our enterprise. Over ten years witnesses that TOENER employees commit to their faith, keep up with times, fight for their goals and never stop their pursuit to be better. We create more value and wealth for customers, shareholders and the society; we provide a good stage for employees to realize their dreams and personal values.
In retrospect of the ten years, we expanded from Hunan province to Sichuan province.We gradually develop our own unique development way by virtue of pioneering and innovative spirit, as well as persistence to improve ourselves,thus accumulating solid foundation and having our strengths.We adhere to regard construction and resources as the core, and attach same importance to industry and investment as the development idea. Through the efforts of all TOENER employees,our businesses cover multiple industries including BT Investment, real estate development, mining development, financial investment, and asset management.
In the future, we will focus on this development model, adhere to the spirit of innovation,and continue to widely apply the technology and resources into the industries beneficial to people, thus creating a more valuable TOENER.
Good choice depends on wisdom; opportunity needs to be grasped; cooperation should be sincere; and success lies in hard work. Developing stable, lasting and win-win partnership is the cornerstone for the survival and development of TOENER GROUP, as well as the root for our successful career. We will continue to tirelessly engage in the tide of Chinese economic reform and work together with entrepreneurs committed to prosper China's economy and people of insight to create a brand prospect! TOENER will spare no effort and use practical action to create a better future!